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Sprachmeister Berlin – Translatione GmbH (“Translatione”) specialist translators possess all the necessary linguistic competence and knowledge in their fields and beyond, as they are also right on top of the actual linguistic trends, anddemonstrating stylistic finesse and flourish. Specific terminology is used and continuously updated, according to each sector and each customer. Translatione translators are linguists, who have studied translation, or engineering, law, or economics.

Two principles underpin our work:

A. Native language principle

Translatione’s specialist translators always translate into their native language (target language) from source language. We work on the principle that only native speakers can “produce” translations that are readily understood in the linguistic and cultural milieu of the target language, and would not cause any confusion or misunderstanding.

B. Proof by a second set of eyes

Translatione checks each and every translation with regard to the correct and consistent use of terminologies. Moreover, the text is proofed thoroughly in the classical manner. In proof-reading, particular attention is paid to the aspects on form, such as orthography and punctuation.

We translate a wide spectrum of texts

  • technical translations, for example, technical manuals, such as user guides, data sheets, software, educational materials,
  • economic texts, viz. corporate communication and marketing, terms and conditions, offers, workflow descriptions, balance sheets, corporate reports, correspondence, financial reports, press releases and announcements,
  • brochures and magazines,
  • legal texts, such as contracts, writs, forms, and certificate of registered business.

Helpful tips

Helpful tips

A set of tips to work with us efficiently as your partner in all language matters.


Notarized translations

Notarized translations by our sworn specialist translators.

Terminologies (glossary)


Consistency for your company’s specific terminology.


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