Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting:
the real time, immediate rendition.

Are you planning a large conference, a congress, a convention, or a workshop? In such cases, the immediate form of interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, has a lot to offer.

Two main criteria speak for simultaneous interpreting

A: The speech is interpreted practically without any additional time, therefore “in real time”, to many languages, and communicated to a large number of the participants speaking different languages without difficulty.

B: The speaker’s flow is not interrupted by the interpreter. This way, the audience concentrates only on the speaker. The interpreter works in a special soundproof booth situated in a place where he or she can see the speaker and the presentation materials, and also has a good view of the entire hall. The interpreter hears the speaker through a head set, and renders the speech in real time via the microphone. The members of the audience receive the interpreter’s rendition through their head sets, and therefore can follow the speech in “real time”.
Simultaneous interpreting demands the utmost concentration from the interpreter. It requires a huge amount of energy to listen, analyzing charts, diagrams, etc., at the same time, and to render adequately in the target language in terms of contents and style. In most cases, at least two interpreters from Translatione work as a team. They swap when the speakers change, or in regular intervals (such as every 20 minutes).


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