A. Translation

In German-speaking areas, the price of translation is calculated on the basis of a standard line consisting of between 50 to 55 characters including spaces in the target language, in accordance with the Law on Judicial Renumeration and Compensation. Our rate per standard line varies between 1.09 and 1.80 euros. The rate per standard line depends on factors such as the language combination, specialist area, urgency, and technical requirements (DTP, CAT, TM). Additional rates are applicable for notarized documents.

B. Interpreting

The fee for interpreting is calculated on a full-day or a half-day basis. Additionally, an hourly rate for interpreting (from 75 euros), travel costs calculated at 0.30 euros per kilometre may be applicable. The rate therefore depends on the length of the assignment, the required language combination, and the required form of interpreting, viz. simultaneous or consecutive.

We are happy to organize the necessary conference technology in co-operation with our partner on request.


Processing foreign-language text, known as DTP work, is charged on a per-page basis. We will present Latin, Cyrillic, and Asian scripts precisely in all the usual DTP programs from 15 euros per page.

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* VAT may apply additionally to the prices quoted.


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