Notarized translations
Notarized translations

State agencies, offices, and institutions normally demand that a document is translated by a sworn translator and notarized. By manner, it ensures that the translation is a binding and verbatim rendition of the original document. The sworn specialist translators at Sprachmeister Berlin – Translatione GmbH („Translatione“) are authorized by the respective Land Administrations of Justice to furnish translations of instruments, deeds, and documents, which act as submissions to the state offices. Such authorization certifies the completeness and correctness of the translations by the sworn translators at Translatione.

Documents that often must be notarized:

> Adoption papers
> Medical certificates
> Apostilles
> Degree certificates
> Driving licences
> Certificates of good conduct
> Birth certificates
> Marriage certificates
> Proofs of identity (such as ID cards)
> Deeds, instruments
> Testimonies


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