DIN EN 15038
DIN EN 15038

Sprachmeister Berlin – Translatione GmbH (“Translatione”) works in accordance with ISO 17100:2015, the successor to the European Quality Standard DIN EN 15038. Our adherence to the standard has been certified by DIN CERTCO, a certification company of TÜV Rheinland Group and DIN (the German Institute for Standardization).

The standard aims to improve and secure the long-term quality of service providers in the translation industry. DIN EN 15038 places particular emphasis on the fact that only translators who have a relevant degree from a university and are also able to demonstrate working experience in the relevant fields are engaged. Furthermore, translations are subjected to intensive checks by an independent third party in the application of “four eyes principle”. ISO 17100:2015 expanded the scope of quality management. It stipulates the expertise and skills of project managers in translation companies. In such manner, the typical fields of the business are covered and assessed, and service providers thus become certifiable and able to develop further.

ISO 17100:2015 sets out a standardization of processes and demands compliance with certain specifications in order to ensure the quality of the translation. These relate to written documentation of who completes which step when, to which agreed deadline and to what extent. As such, each aspect of the service becomes transparent, traceable, and understandable. With the new quality standard there is now a requirement for a procedure to deal with confidential information. In this manner, data protection and project-related information and content are secured.


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