Helpful tips
Helpful tips

Write as “internationally” as possible

Avoid figures of speech, winged words, and metaphors which can only be understood by those who share your cultural background. References to the parts of the body, play on colours, or historical allusions may be risky. As your partner in all matters related to languages, we are naturally here to assist you, whether something can be translated into another language, and how much your text can be adapted to the locale.

Send us the end copy when possible

A text must be sent out just before a trade fair, even though the finalized version is not yet completed? But the translation cannot wait? No problem. We will not let you down. Please number each version and mark clearly the differences between the versions. We will manage any tight deadline.

Send us accessible data

In order to work efficiently and to maintain a consistent set of terminologies, translators nowadays work with so-called translation memory programme. PDFs, scanned documents, fax print-outs, etc, whose contents cannot be copied must first be edited, which takes time.

Machine translation?

A cheaper alternative, but which always has an element of jeopardy. As your partner in language matters, we can of course advise you, whether the text only requires proof, or a translation from scratch.

We only come back to you with query when there is an absolute necessity. Trust us that the questions we ask you on translating the source text are a sign of diligence and professionalism as no one reads your text more carefully than your translator.

Original text vs translation

The length of the text changes with translation. We have summarized the average difference in the length of the translated text for different languages in comparison to the original in German, based on our experience.

Original text vs translation

Please however bear in mind the following: the length of a translated text depends not only on the type of the text (for example, technical manuals or advertising copy), but also on who translates it in what manner. A very simple sentence “I like thrillers” can be translated verbatim, or linguistically more adeptly in the meaning of “I like crime fiction“. Besides, the table cannot be used to calculate the length the other way around, that is to say a source text in English will become substantially longer when translated into German.


Contact us at any time. As your partner in all matters related to languages, we strive to answer your questions correctly, and find the best possible solutions for you.

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