DTP and typesetting in all scripts
“For what one has, in black and white, one carries home and then goes through it.” (J.W.Goethe)

DTP and typesetting in all scripts

Desktop Publishing (DTP) can be defined as creation of high-quality documents for publications using computers. Nowadays it is almost always the case that a technical document, a brochure, or a flyer is produced by utilizing Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® FrameMaker®, QuarkXPress®, or another DTP programme.

Whether it is your catalogues, user guides, handbooks, leaflets, business cards, or other print materials that you would like to have translated, we at Sprachmeister Berlin – Translatione GmbH (“Translatione”) ensure that the translation remains true to your layout.

Moreover Translatione creates texts in foreign languages in the local script in the languages of your choice. We set not only Latin and Cyrillic fonts precisely, but also Asian characters in all popular DTP programmes.


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