Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting:
the successive, time-delayed rendition

You are planning a tour of the plant, negotiations, telephone conferences, short presentations, opening addresses, thank-you speeches, or after-dinner speeches that only need to be rendered into a single language? In such cases, a time-delayed form of interpreting, consecutive interpreting, has a lot to offer.

Consecutive interpreting is a more familiar form of interpreting than simultaneous interpreting, and it is the classical format of interpreting. In most cases, it takes place in a small group in which the interpreter is visible to all participants, often sat next to the speaker. Interpreters from Translatione will render the speech after the speaker has finished, or between speakers, sentence for sentence, or in short extracts, or longer paragraphs if the draft of the speech is available beforehand.

Two main criteria speak for consecutive interpreting

The costs for the interpreting equipment fall. In most cases, such as discussions, and small after-dinner speeches, etc., no equipment is required. For larger tours of work, opening speeches, other such, a microphone is sufficient.

In most instances, consecutive interpreting requires one interpreter per language, who for example interprets the entire tour on his or her own.


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